Monday, November 16, 2009

Flu Pandemic - Ukraine, Canada and Mexico

The main stream media seems to be finally catching up to the Ukrainian "super flu" that I reported about back on October 30th, wondering if it was a mutated swine flu.

Of course originally I wondered if it might be a bio weapon, and now I run across this article on

"British scientists are examining the strain of swine flu behind a deadly Ukrainian outbreak to see if the virus has mutated.
A total of 189 people have died and more than one million have been infected in the country.
Some doctors have likened the symptoms to those seen in many of the victims of the Spanish flu which caused millions of deaths world-wide after the World War One.
An unnamed doctor in western Ukraine told of the alarming effects of the virus.
He said: 'We have carried out post mortems on two victims and found their lungs are as black as charcoal.
They look like they have been burned. It's terrifying."

You can read the full article here.

Now...what kind of "flu" makes your lungs look like they have been burned?
(Note: They do have coal mining in the Ukraine, could these victims have been coal miners?)

Meanwhile to our north in Canada, Swine Flu looks to be making a resurgence....

"Hospitalizations and deaths soared significantly in a one-week period between Nov. 1 and Nov. 7 with 1,324 people admitted to hospitals across Canada and a four-fold increase in fatalities compared to the previous week, the Public Health Agency of Canada, PHAC, reports in its weekly bulletin."

Full story here

And to our south in Mexico...

"In Mexico the number of deaths caused by the flu pandemic has increased rapidly. Last week 82 people died of the H1N1-virus, bringing the total death toll in the country to almost 500.
Seventy percent of the fatalities are between the age of 24 and 55. The Mexican Ministry of Health has warned that the number of cases is likely to increase due to falling temperatures."

Full story here.

So I am left still with the same questions...
Bio Weapon?
Mutated H1n1?
Media scare tactics?

Just what is it? might wanna take a look at this....

I really don't like the sound of this....

"Iowa has officially recorded 21 H1N1 deaths, including seven in Polk County alone. But the county's medical examiner said he has performed autopsies on some residents who were never diagnosed with H1N1, but actually had it."In the autopsy, what we're seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them," said Dr. Gregory Schmunk."

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