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Project Superman: Andy Pero

Project Superman: Andy Pero

This, to me, is one of the more facinating stories to come out of Montauk.
Mainly because a lot of what he said back then has been aluded to (quietly) in other areas.... is a huge clearing house for Montauk and other related activities.
There, I found an interview with Andy Pero....

" Andy Pero was unwillingly subjected to a mind control program off-shoot the Monarch Project-a trauma based mind control program similar to what Cathy O' Brien describes in her autobiography by Mark Philips, "Tranceformation of America".

Andy Pero claims to have been created through a combination of genetic manipulation, trauma based mind control and Silva Mind Control training resulting in superhuman feats and psionic abilities. In addition to this, Mr. Pero alleges to have been unwittingly used in covert assassinations as a Manchurian Candidate and also in missions connected to the Montauk Project, such as time travel.

Andy Pero first went public with his story in August of 1998 as a special guest of Preston Nichols while at a lecture series hosted by Bob Eure of Philadelphia, PA. I was so astounded with Andy's testimony, that I interviewed him personally so that his story could be shared with readers of Unknown Magazine. For those who are unfamiliar with me, I have worked for ten years investigating and counseling UFO experiencers, abductees and occasionally survivors of various forms of anomalous trauma, such as ritual abuse and mind control. Because of my background in alien abductions, paranormal, the occult and anomalous trauma, I recognized Andy as an extraordinary survivor of trauma based mind control, one whose story should not remain hidden."

full interview here:


Ancient Celestial said...

Sabre, I bid you well being, I am a hybrid of a unique kind, and one of a stellar origin, unlike anything you or anyone knows. Where I am on Earth, the truth is more than self evident, and I am among many things, known as: The Source. I know you want to believe, as all sincerely do, deep inside, simply know this...the 2012 date event IS what I am. Thusly, in departing, I would advice you to seek that which eyes cannot see...SHIZANGOINPRIU...

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Thank you my friend.
And you go well also.

Ancient Celestial said...

Sabre! You indeed shock me, per se you actually do know quite a bit more than I had presupposed!!! SHIZANGOINPRIU means GO WELL, and quite evidently you knew that, exemplary indeed, it comes from the Cosmic dialect SCRI(skree). How marvelous you would know this, ahhh surely then you are in the IN crowd, nice!!! May you in your own endeavors find that nothing is more of an eye opener than the truth...PEACE...HARMONY...ENLIGHTENMENT...

Burgo said...

What Date In 2012?
This 2012 stuff sounds like the X-files episode "Endgame".
In my travels I as taught me that many Know But Fail to see Why?
Looking at current events 2012 may just be the time A new US President gets elected.
ALL Fathers Chgildren Are Victims Of Mind Control

b.t. mz to you. said...

i was andy pero's partner in montauk.
so i'm going to explain things.
there are levels underground.
they are reptiles etc. i call them troggles. it's easier.
they have always run the world.
they breed with us.
they attach themselves to families, they use boxes so you can't see them only the image they choose. we are chipped so it's easy.
they've always been royal, so they stick to royal families. we are all royal. think how many lines through the ages.
a troggle will attach themselves & it depends what spiel you go for, jesus well then troggle will tell you everything about jesus displacing you from your self. very important.
star child they too have their own bibles. witches etc same thing but all of it gets you dis-placed on a level of not calm.
that is very important as they are jumpers into humans. you get replaced & nobody knows.
they use nut homes hospitals etc. i've seen the machine & actually saved somebody. who infact put me there to save myself. he wanted me replaced but when my title came out they were gonna replace him.
there is no higher power that you can tap into just yourself.
i've seen the spirits of humans, it shows it in some movies.
the original troggles were made because they had run out of bodies.
in the old days if you did bad bang you were replaced back down to earth. hell.
now it's all for everybody for themselves.
it's that simple & it's covered by jesus buddha witches all of it.

anybody that says star child anything that is not grounded usually means a troggle is in the bakground whispering words that the humans swears is their own thought.
& it's always the victim has been chosen.
& they have for replacement.
all these pages just means levels & selelcted.
andy was my partner & a fucking nightmare because he believed in the cover.
i was with andy in some of those things.
he has a huge heart though & much much good will.
hollywood is full of troggles, they double up too.
that is the real hollywood game.
who's who.
drugs booze mental health all of it, there are lists & once you ar on that list you are up for repacement, their point being they can live your body better.
that is why people high up say please please don't do drugs.
because they know about the lists.
they are vampires so they go to pubs anywhere where they an be mis-judged, they like music.
i'm female.
of course there's women in montauk.
et some-how people find that hard to understand.
back page hourglass tiny start, explains it all.
yowser was part machine a clerk for the troggles that's all.
we are just meat don't glorify it at all.

IsthereaGod said...

Hi thanks for you testimonial! What do you mean by "there is no higher power that you can tap into just yourself"? Does that mean
no God exists? If there is so much evil and Satanism in the world where is the opposite of that? Please help me to understand

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