Monday, September 17, 2007

Dulce Base, part 1

Dulce Base is the name for a supposed secret underground facility in or near Dulce, New Mexico, United States. To date, very little evidence confirming the existence of this facility has surfaced, and the tales regarding the Dulce base are widely regarded as urban legend.

Even before the alleged Dulce Base achieved notoriety, many cattle mutilations were said to occur in the Dulce area, and there were also allegations of UFOs visiting the area. In the 1970s, New Mexico State Police officer Gabe Valdez investigated mutilations in the region.

Dulce Base conspiracy theories were first circulated in the 1980s. According to researcher Greg Bishop, the claims of Paul Bennewitz are the earliest source for the Dulce Base stories. Bennewitz was a New Mexico businessman and physicist who operated Thunder Scientific Corporation, a company which manufactured high-altitude testing equipment mostly for use at Kirtland Air Force Base.

According to Bishop and Clark , Bennewitz uncovered evidence of a highly secret U.S. Air Force program designed to monitor satellites launched by the Soviet Union. Bennewitz was already interested in reports of UFOs, alien abduction and cattle mutilations, and he interpreted the secret program as evidence of extraterrestrials on earth.

Bennewitz communicated his findings to civilian UFO group APRO, who dismissed him as a deluded crank. In late 1980, Bennewitz contacted Kirtland AFB officials. For most of the 1980s, U.S Air Force Sergeant Doty and/or ufologist William Moore would relate reams of mostly spurious information to Bennewitz as part of a disinformation campaign designed to distract him from secret military projects at Kirtland.

Bennewitz accepted nearly all of the information as reliable, and focused his energies towards writing a document he called "Project Beta,".

Over the years, Bennewitz grew ever more paranoid, and his health deteriorated so badly that he had a nervous breakdown and retired from the UFO research scene before his 2005 death.

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