Thursday, April 12, 2007

Idiot Bush and His Idiot Pentagon Loses Iraq War

Idiot Bush and His Idiot Pentagon Loses Iraq War

(April 9, 2007)

Aside from the building and very serious tension between a fanatic Bush and a growingly furious Congress, the real news here is the slaughter of our troops in Iraq.

With many units sent over there without proper equipment or armor and, in many cases, no training whatsoever in combat, the Iraqi resistance people are wreaking havoc on the inexperienced men.

The idiot Bush plan has been to rush as many new troops as possible to Baghdad, kill all the resistance people they can find, terrorize the locals and then, declare peace and pull out.

That’s fine except for one thing: They forgot to get permission from the Resistance first!

With plump and innocent new blood, these people have been having a terrible field day and the chances of establishing a “zone of tranquility where the new Iraqi government can establish democracy’ is the same as the nuts here babbling about a Second Coming. A nice idea, kids, but it won’t happen.

Bush and Cheney still want to invade Iran and the Likudists here want the same thing but the military has told them it can’t happen.

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