Friday, July 6, 2007

Chris Benoit Conspiracy

I don't even know if I should bring this up, but it's been bugging me and there's a huge undersurge on the net about it.
Type in: "Did Kevin Sullivan Murder Chris Benoit and His Family?" and see how many hits you get.
Yes I know it's easier for some people to accept a conspiracy here. They'd rather accuse a " Satanist" like Kevin Sullivan than accept that a " hero" like Chris Benoit committed this horrible act.
To tell the truth, when I first heard about it, The Kevin Sullivan Satanist angle did pop up in my head. I dismissed it. Then I thought about Sherry Martel and her connection to Sullivan. Nah, still ridiculous.

Then I ran across Johnny Angel's article.
I thought some more about it.

Three things really bother me.

One: The murders began on June 22. That's one day after Summer Solstice. A bit of a stretch? Ask some people out there that have investigated Satanic crimes.

Two: Three murders, three days. Three is a big mystical number.

Three: The Bibles. Okay, three murders over three days is NOT Roid Rage. It's calculated, even in a sick mind. But why Bibles? Is it to show that their God couldn't help them?

The conspiracy theory is of course hard (read: impossible) to prove.
" The investigators will get to the bottom of it."
Here's another aspect people that investigate Satanic crimes are familiar with....What if some people in the investigation team ARE Satanists. It only takes one " mole" to taint or discard evidence.
" Oh that's impossible! You've been reading too much stuff on the internet! There cant be a high level satanic cover up!"

Look up " Michael Aquino" actually that's " Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence, U.S. Army (Retired) Michael Aquino" .

Then talk to me.


tanco said...

check out chavo who was with chris and eddie before the bodoes where found

raquel said...

Hello, Just Wanted to ask... Wich part bible was open?

Which Chapter and Versicle...??

So we know what´s the message by using the bible...

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