Thursday, April 12, 2007

Szymanski vs. Icke: Internet Disinfo Slogs Away

Szymanski vs. Icke: Internet Disinfo Slogs Away

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Photo shows author David Icke. Here's the background. Greg Szymanski pitches himself as an "honest truth teller" who doesnt "believe" in reptilians. Uh Oh. Belief System (BS) overload. David Icke writes about reptilians. Who's right? Who's wrong? Don't think. Just send them money.)

David Icke Mixes Jesuit Satanism With The Folly of UFO Reptilians

Is he trying to discredit honest truth tellers by mixing in the serious Jesuit message with Reptilian folly? Someone please ask him if he is working for the Jesuits or if he has surrounded himself with the wrong people feeding him silly Reptilian information?

By Greg Szymanski
April 5, 2007

The next copy of the David Icke newsletter goes out on Saturday and the Arctic Beacon has received an advance copy of his opening message.

Icke seems to be on the "crush the Jesuit" bandwagon for the last month just like the Arctic Beacon has been on for years.

In fact, the editor of the Arctic Beacon has researched Vatican and Jesuit evil ever since working in Rome from 1979-1985.

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