Monday, April 27, 2009

"The Being", Part 19

Well, in within the years of middle school indeed, much had happened, both in school and out in my personal life.
Yet one incident during school makes its mark as a memorable one.
It happened in class, with a full classroom capacity, of both students and teacher. While sitting with some friends, there was this one friend Eric, who for simply the fun of it, had asked me if he could mess up the time of my watch, and that he had reassured me I would be fully able to fix the time again afterwards, without problems! As he said to simply gather the proper time from another student and or simply look at the wall clock. So I go and take off my watch and hand it to him, to tamper with the time, being sporty about whatever his gig was about such jollies. So then he gives it back to me, and I then ask if I can see his watch to fix my watch he just messed up the time to. It seems, he had no watch on his wrist, nor did anyone else, nor was there a clock on the wall...hmmm! I began to get frustrated, yet not boiling angry, too mild at the time...still am really, down deep within my core...With a nasty smirk on some faces, with some just not looking at me anymore...guilt...sympathy?
I simply sat there with an outlook as if to say: you know how would you like it if someone messed up your time and you had no way of fixing it! Everyone froze, and took immediate notice, with some whispering here and there. Then I went on to say: O yeah, if you want to know, go ahead and check the time yourself! How do you know that upon messing up my time, I did not of yours! Now everyone is really looking weird at me, as though not of the norm, while some were in admiration. Needless to say, I really did put up a stink about my own messed up watch, and in a most quiet non violent, non argumentative way, simply messed up the time everywhere at large. As a lesson to they who would do so to me, and refuse to aide me in fixing my watch once messed up.
The golden rule: do unto others...So it came upon the moment when indeed the time was sincerely out of sync as to its prior time before I messed it all up! Then that is when, the school main office was getting a flurry of phone calls of genuine panick as to what was going on, and is there anything they can do to remedy the time mishap! Well they were hurriedly working on the problem, while asking me some questions, mostly as to how to remedy the situation, as to how it came to be, and such, etc., while there was this one male, who just found the most profound joy in what I had done that day, while all else were angered, as their attitude was they had busy lives to attend to, without the hassle of not knowing the time! As for the questioning, one actually had the idea I worked with an outsider if you will to accomplish what I had just done. I implicitly said...NO! Not to keep to my story, but it was the truth, I had single handedly done this alone, and with my powers, of space/time.
Anyway, it came after awhile, that with my minimal aide in the process, with their frustration, the correct time was in now as to be set properly. All the while, I had the most gleeful attitude of accomplishment that day, starting back to the point in class earlier, with a friend Eric messing up my watch!

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