Monday, April 20, 2009

"The Being", Part 18

In within the prior chapter, I spoke of certain aspects of my very secret life led, that literally has unwritten historical events archived, and tucked away in an ULTRA ABOVE ABOVE TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT FILE, that details my life in all its secrecy.
Which by the way, not even The Freedom of Information Act can look up for any individual trying to uncover such secret history.
As such, I also mentioned in the prior chapter a comic book series called: The Secret Wars. In it, there was a character simply named: The Beyonder...a near infinite lifeform as it were, from Beyond! Where he had come to Earth, and found that he would give out a test of winner take all. From this, he would include some of Earth's superheroes along with some of Earth's supervillians, and pitted them against each other, again winner take all, which meant at that time for its place, becoming superpowered by The Beyonder into a very exponential degree, ever known to humankind!!! Needless to say, I understood that indeed, this was a ruckus as it were for its time and place in the real world, where there was indeed this competition between two sides, the good and the bad, to see what would happen if 'the winners' could win my favour.
Factually, I did not include myself in this war, if at all or very little, as once again, it was rallied by the two factions, with which 'they' wanted to prove themselves to me, for higher ascended levels of being. Thus, for the most part, as I read on, and mostly observing as to the events of such, unfolding before my eyes, I recognized what heated fervor had wrought in these humans, to have been so pursuant to such an 'olympic event'! Indeed, at that time, though never hinted at nor outright said, I saw the deep desperation of the humankind, to want to be better, on both sides, and that indeed, what both sides saw in me was no less than: GREAT HOPE!
During that time, I had been bestowing (a chuck wagon & horse temporary version of stellar permanent endowment), and teaching accordingly (chuck wagon & horse), if you will. But still for its time for what it was, it was a very sought after and most welcomed item which all wanted to have a piece of...and indeed, even for what it was for its time, it in fact did elevate those humans of its time, to higher ascended levels! Yet regarding such bestowing moments of past, it was indeed something of a mere preview to what later would be: ENDOWMENT/AUGMENTATION, which today currently as this is being written, has led to a totally new species: THE ALPHA OMEGA GODS!
A pinnacle peak level of being unknown before...EVER!(a story to be told in future chapters yet to be). Needless to say, as I read on with The Secret Wars series, I got to a point to where it did affect me...all the warring, the fighting, etc., thus I gave it a break for awhile, then came back to the series, thinking it would quell the heated went on as though not skipping a beat. Though, kind of my fault, as when I did eventually come back to reading the series, playing upto my mode of disguise, asked how the war was going...hmmm. It seems my evident disdain over such activity did make an impact, and the warring did in fact cease...until I got back to the series...sigh!
Well in the end, I simply carried on with myself as usual, and with my open door policy, kept up with bestowing and comparable teachings, all the while producing feats of genuine true power, here and there when the call for such was needed.

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