Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's not UFOs, it's geese....they think......

You know October 14th is getting closer and closer........

If you're a conspiracy theorist about UFOs, this one's for you.
The National Weather Service likes to scour radar images for every sign of a thunderstorm, a hurricane or a blizzard.
On Tuesday, they didn't find any of that.
Instead, they found images of a bunch of expanding circles.
The images look like every teen smoker in Wisconsin and Illinois learned how to blow smoke rings at the same time.
But it's not smokers or the invading extraterrestrial ship from the movie Independence Day.
It's some kind of bird taking flight at sunrise, most likely geese - they think.

You know most conspiracy people know all about the weird rings that show up on radar from time to time.
Heck, I've even caught a glimpse of them on the Weather Channels radar.


Walt said...

Part of the NATO Chain
(1989/90)Does it make sense that the Belgium Air Force
would misidentify an aircraft,
triangulated between four separate, prior-checked ground radars

1) chase it for 75 minutes without catching it?
2) have Belgian police affirm highly unusual technological oddities?
3) talk about it openly on television because it was apparently
well past the curve of normalcy?

Walt said...

This is so cool, they came for my birth, then back again on my birth day, 50 years later.
Whatever they are, it makes me feel kind of special.

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