Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Real Super Powers

I have mentioned real life super powers here before, and what if they start to show up around the world.

If you read much online news, you have probably seen the story of Nick Harris...

Ashlyn Hough is celebrating an "uplifting" Christmas. The six-year-old girl was pinned under a Mercury Sedan as it backed out a driveway. Neighbor Nick Harris saw the accident, ran to the scene and lifted the rear of the car off her. Harris said he tried lifting cars later that day and couldn't. Ashlyn wasn't seriously hurt, and her mom is calling Harris "Superman."

Of course this is just one instance from a long line of superhuman feats accomplished by us "mere mortals".
If you are interested, Google the names Angela Cavallo, Saint John Eberle, Tim Boyle and Marie "Bootsy" Payton to see what I mean.

The news article about Nick Harris got me thinking about what we are truly capable of.
Are these incidents urban legends, or are they a brief moment when we break the shackles of "The Matrix" and we reach our real human potential?
For a second, all the conditioning we get throughout our lives is cast off and we are better, faster and stronger than we have ever been.
Or maybe we are as fast, strong and as good as we are supposed to be.
If so, imagine what we could do if we could reach this state at will.

I have also mentioned before that the Government would love to get their hands on that type of information.
How to convert entire platoons of normal soldiers into their own "Captain Americas".

One thing I wonder though, is if this ability (if it actually really exists) is physical or psychic?

You think you can rip that door off the burning car, lift that riding mower and toss it away, or even lift a downed helicopter.....

...and you can.

Because the mind knows there is no other way to accomplish this feat other than pure power, the brain takes over and you don't actually physically lift the object, you mentally lift it, as in telekinesis.
Wouldn't that explain how a fifty something mother could toss a riding mower like a child's toy, while lacking the muscular power to pull off such a feat?
Her mind said "Do it!" and the body followed.

Like I said earlier, the military applications would be staggering.
Imagine platoons of troops that could run for miles without tiring, dodge bullets, kick over jeeps like folding chairs.
And possibly even locate their targets mentally.

But if the military could develop this ability, normal civilians could do it as well.
And that would level the playing field a bit too much wouldn't it?

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Philosopher's Mess said...

Interesting article, it made me think what if the great fighters sort of enter this "zone" or whatever..great athletes in general...I mean two guys can train just as hard, have the same experience, etc...but one will always be able to surpass the other and then their are others who transcend the competition all together(think Michel Jordan, Anderson Silva UFC)...

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