Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UFO Sightings - The Antonio Vilas Boas Abduction

This was one of the first big UFO abduction cases.
On October 16th, 1957, 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antônio Vilas-Boas (sometimes spelled Antônio Villas-Boas) was plowing the fields near São Francisco de Sales when a red star came down through the sky, sprouted three legs and landed.

A little freaked out, Antônio tried to drive off on his tractor but in proper UFO fashion, the engine went dead.
He got off the tractor and tried to run but he was tackled by a five-foot tall humanoid in grey coveralls and wearing a helmet.
Antonio fought him off but three more jumped him and the drug him into the craft.

He was stripped, covered in some weird gel and had blood samples taken.
Then he was gassed and a five foot tall alien woman came in.
She had big blue catlike eyes and long, white hair.
Oddly, her "other" hair was bright red.
And Antonio said that he was very attracted to her and that they had sex.

Afterward, she induictaed to him that he had indeed done the deed and she was nnow pregnant and would take the hybrid child with her to be raised anomg the stars.
Anyway after the "fun" the aliens gave him back his clothes and took him on a tour of the ship.
Oh yeah....NOW they were nice.
He was then escorted out and returned home.

Pretty weird story for a farmer huh?

After the incident, Antonio became a lawyer (so he wasn't such a backwoods bumpkin after all eh?), got married and had four kids.
And he stuck to his story until he died.

The whole thing would be easy to just blow off except for one thing...

After the incident he contacted Brazilian journalist Jose Martins and told him his story.
Martins had him checked out by a physican who examined Antonio and found that he had mild radiation sickness as a result of getting a pretty heavy dose of radiation.

So where did the farmer get hit with enough radiation to cause that?

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