Tuesday, December 1, 2009

V and Flu Vaccinations

v - flu vaccinations - flu vaccination

Did anyone catch the fourth episode of the ABC series V, "It's Only the Beginning"?
If you did, then you saw Erica, Father Jack and Ryan discover that the "Visitors" (evil reptilians from another planet bent on world domination) plan to inject humans with a biological weapon disguised as a flu vaccine.

"a biological weapon disguised as a flu vaccine"!?!
"evil reptilians from another planet bent on world domination"!?!

Is this "V" or "Disclosure"?

I have to hand it to the script writers.
I think they are spending some time online checking out the conspiracy sites and looking into the latest and most popular threats.
Kinda like the writers of "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" evidently did with the Drone sightings.

Of course maybe these writers are trying to communicate a warning to the masses.
But if that were the case, would the "Powers That Be" actually let them?
If the Hollywood execs are all really "Evil reptilian kitten-eaters from another planet", would they just let that slide?

So my conclusions....

One...the writers are all dead or in slave labor prison camps now for disobeying the Reptilian Overlords
Two...the heads of Hollywood are not seven foot tall blood drinking reptilian aliens (I know some actors and they may argue that point) .
Three...they are playing on known fears to build ratings.

Of course 90 percent of the population will go with "Three".

But let's not forget The Lone Gunmen Pilot that aired some six months before 9-11...

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