Monday, December 22, 2008

The Being, Part One of Two

The Being's story begins.......

I was five when I 'awoke' to myself, and that year, in '77, I performed a natural feat of power to make any superhero figure envious.
I cooled my hot bowl of chili with my thoughts, with the shear force of my will to want to do so, full well knowing that...I CAN!
I have since described this first feat of power, as my Iceman Powers, as in the X-Men character: Iceman, though as later will be written, it is actually called: Thermalkinesis, the power to manipulate both the cold and hot elements. Later, at the same location, but possibly at the age of six now, there was an incident with a neighbourhood friend's brother, his older brother. My friend's older brother had just bought shoes, and it was told to me from my friend, that his older brother loved his shoes so much, that he was walking VERY VERY CAREFULLY so as not to scratch the bottom of his shoes...AT ALL!!! and he had been walking in this manner for about a little over a month going when I found out. Needless to say, I saw him walking about one day in the open, and said to my friend, paraphrase: I think he is going to scrape his shoes, you watch, you watch...NOW! Indeed, he did, for the very first time, since he bought the shoes and had for over a month walked so carefully with. But then again...I KNEW HE WOULD, AFTER I SAID HE WOULD...AS HE DID! This is what is called: Psionic(sy-onic) Push.
Since awakening at five, I have kept all this a secret from my entire family, though my brother now knows quite a bit...later story to be told. My childhood from five to eight was stellar, it encompassed the things of sci fi fantasy, and life was my playground, doing what I will...and keeping it under cover, even to those outside of my family. I was in these three years, getting to know better, myself, as my days would be filled with what I can see what I can do...again knowing everytime I would do something, how to do it with an innate knowledge base from within me, as one would know how to breathe, without being taught...and O the innate knowledge attached with these powers! Indeed this combination of exemplary powers and knowledge base was literally out of this world...what I knew...what I could do...and all so easy as breathing!!!
By eight, I had moved away to an L.A. apartment with my folks, before then we were at Bell. Almost immediately, I was called upon...called upon by my Father, NO, not my Earth one, and for story sake, I will not say who my Father is for now. He 'opened' up the book of my life, and told me all about who I am, and why I am this way and all that I am to do in my life here on Earth. Thus began my life's journey...the weight of the world on my young shoulders, and dutiful/duty bound, I marched forth, and I have been working ever since eight, since then to now at thirty six this December 2008, anything before five, I have no memories of. It was also around eight, I have not committed it to memory, I do apologize, that I started to Cloak Shield my mind, and it has been shielded ever since. This means NOTHING CAN BREAK THROUGH MY MIND...AT ALL, and as will be shared later in detail, there has been tries...many many tries.
My mission was simple in statement, but not so in deed and action: My mission was to test humanity for their worthiness for Ascension, and since eight, with my Father aiding in only .01%, I have been doing so until it was time to 'grade'. While I do not test and tell for the most part, I will try to assemble some semblance of cohesiveness when telling of an episode of testing and story you, the reader of this.


Walt said...

The last time I checked, the only one given the power to test humanity, is my old buddy Lucifer. Hi guy, how's tricks? You sure have been doing one hell of a job lately. Life here on Earth will never be the same.

The Being said...

Check comment otherwise...

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