Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Truth Is Out There

The Truth Is Out There is a documentary by Phil Leirness that covers UFOs, aliens, ghosts, government conspiracy theories, the banking industry, cancer cures, the New World Order, 9/11, population control, quantum consciousness and more.
No too much of an undertaking huh?
Reading about it, the film kinda makes me think of Religulous for the conspiracy theory set.
It's hosted by Dean Haglund, who you may know as Richard "Ringo" Langly from the X Files and The Lone Gunmen.
Why have Langly as the host?
Well X Files and LG were / are both deeply ensconced in conspiracy theories (remember the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen?)
They screened The Truth is Out There, at the Bay Area UFO X Fest, which is one of the biggest UFO Film Fest and Conferences in the world, and from what Phil Leirness said in an interview, the reaction was generally positive.

Here is the trailer for the film...

And yes, your eyes did not deceive you, that IS a Lone Gunmen reunion!

You can find out more about the film at their website here:

And check them out at Facebook here:

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Rational Skeptic said...

I hope they release this online for free... do you think they will? I loved him on the X-Files.

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