Friday, February 16, 2007

The "Bush Regime" theory explained: in response to debatechick, her comment. | Progressive U

The "Bush Regime" theory explained: in response to debatechick, her comment. Progressive U:

"I am not pressing anyone to believe these things. Really, it's a vast underground networking of conspiracy. There is rumor floating around that he was going to try and overrule our Constitution., more accurately, 'Material breach of the Constitution.'
Supposedly, he's been looking for a loophole to be president for however long he likes and not have any interference. They're saying he'll be the next Hitler, some kooks are even saying we're going to get microchipped with a 666 code, the government is going to enslave us by tagging us like animals, and Bush is going to be the Antichrist, maybe even the one Nostradamus prophesied, and that it'll be Armageddon! I'm not religious though, so I don't really believe that bit.
That's just rumor. I just got too much stuffed into my head from Alex Jones to the movie on the voice behind George Bush. I just don't know what to believe anymore sometimes. There's too much befuddling conspiracy theories on George Bush, Bush's involvement with Skull & Bones, being a part of the Illuminati, trying to raise a police state, martial law, etc. All rumors right? Very extremist views, I will have to say, but they exist. There's a whole culture of people who believe these things. I'm not saying I believe them all if at all.
All I really believe anymore is that I will live, I will die and there's something way bigger than me happening out there."

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