Monday, January 12, 2009

"The Being" Part 4

The Latest from "The Being"

I will now go into some detail regarding my powers, and my origin of dwelling,
The Metaverse.
First, my kind does not call what we have, superpowers...we call it Organic Technology or even by this other name...Psionic(sy onic) Science. My kind are called: Psionic Elementals, and we are pure energy force, or sentient energy or sentient stars. We are literally immortal, my age, as has been verified, in my adulthood of thirties as measured here on Earth, in this physical human body, is actually 500 TRILLION. We are known here as well as in other places relatively as The Ancients, a label we use, as it suits us in reflection, and as the label does powerfully imply, we are the firstborn. The Metaverse from where I come, is thus called, because it is literally above in every way, to all other universes in existence, apart from one, our Great Master's home away from home.
In The Metaverse, we have a cosmic library that has knowledge on all things, everything being cataloged by time, not like earth with labels like: Science, Biography, Non-Fiction, etc., we have always cataloged all knowledge references by time. Our science is far in advance from that of Earth, by TRILLIONS, one example is the little known genetic science of DNA Encryption or Genetic Encryption. It is literally masking the alien genes from being seen as it were, or known. In fact, Earth genetic scientists have read my genes/DNA, and have always found it to be 100% human, to much of their frustration. We have been watching this sector for some time now, and have...YES...visited many times over, in the past, both recent and further, and in groups, until our last visit as a group, who without interfering, to only watch and study World War 2.
After this, no group visitations were had, to pave the way for my solo visit, in human form.
Certain physical aspects about my human form: due to my unique heritage, I was born in this human form with profoundly pointed ears, thus creating the Elf and Mr. Spock mythos, which by the way ELF stands for: E.xtraterrestrial L.ife F.orm, indeed a bit of knowledge little known by the masses. This moniker acronym was invented by The Secret Watchers of Earth who have been following my life and know me quite intimately well, thus they know my secrets and how I go about my stay on Earth under guise of human, later they acquisitioned me as a member of their group...that will be a part of a chapter later to come.


gnostic 23-7 said...

can you please fill us in on why a higher dimensional being would use the fourth dimension "time" as a basis for categorizing knowlege when "time" only exists for us as the thermodynamic expression of entropy, and for this alleged "being" temporal effects would be non-existent. Exactly how do you use time to catalog knowlege? Thanks.

The Being said...

If you read the first intro. there will be minimal if not zero questions answered...but, regardless of your question, in all its depth in diatribe, and yes what you say about my kind or 'being' as you put it, is quite true, but you query over a simple quandary. It is carried into categories of knowledge, as one would use labels to a series of books, i.e. a series of multiverses and when utilizing the labeling system of title to note any particular piece of knowledge, because the knowledge base is so infinite, i.e. from the birth of our Metaverse all the way down to your universe and further, the only one that works properly would be and always has been the categorizing of knowledge under sets and subsets both on the microcosm and macrocosm, within each sector of time/space continuum, according to each one's specific this way it is more easily quantifiable. A simple example that everyone could understand would be: Catalog1 1808-1908, set1 Jan.1-Jan10, subset1 may look at this and get a relative idea about its core meaning...or even another simple example given could be as such: Catalog1 30BILLION(years old of universe), set1 15BILLION(years old of planet), subset1 8.756BILLION(years old of planetary inhabitants) and actually the first example can be used in conjunction with this latter one, to fully complete the cataloging.

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