Friday, February 2, 2007

National Ledger - The Grays Uses Fact Based Fiction to Explore Aliens, UFO Encounter

National Ledger - The Grays Uses Fact Based Fiction to Explore Aliens, UFO Encounter: "A recently-published book by author Whitley Strieber sheds light on reports that our planet and individual people are being contacted by highly-advanced civilizations from other star systems, and even other dimensions.
'The Grays,' which Strieber calls fact-based fiction, reflects his exploration of the visitation to Earth by mysterious beings and their contact with and abduction of humans. It is not new territory for him – he has dealt with these elements in his personal life and in many books on these subjects. "

The deep and complex missions of these visitors and their complicated relationships with humans are topics Strieber addresses in THE GRAYS. He delves into the secret activities of our government and military in their attempts to cope with and coordinate these developments.

Characters in the book include high-ranking U.S. military officers and a military “empath” who communicates with an alien in U.S. custody. The conflicts and choices facing military and government insiders and factions dealing with these issues are also examined.

Some characters are seemingly average people who find themselves in the midst of strange and vast plans involving these visitors and our government.

A triad of aliens called “the Three Thieves” and their secret work in a small Kentucky town are also part of the story.

Readers join Strieber’s characters in discovering surprising and even shocking aspects of secrets stretching back through our history – and equally important indications for our future.

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