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Area 51 - Annie Jacobsen

Have you heard about Area 51?
No not the place in the Nevada desert, the new book by Annie Jacobsen.
The book is filled with interviews with scientists and engineers who worked in Area 51.

In the book, they totally toss out the whole alien angle and say that the Roswell incident was a result of a plan cooked up by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and the Nazi “Angel of Death” Dr Joseph Mengele.
Yeah, they say the conspiracy theorists are crazy.
Get a load of this....
Allegedly Stalin was inspired by Orson Wells’s War of the Worlds radio broadcast and thought that landing a UFO full of surgically altered 12 and 13 year old children (altered by the infamous Angel of Death himself for Stalin) would freak people out like the radio broadcast did.
The "UFO" was actually a German, jet-propelled, single wing aircraft, the Horton Ho 229 that was captured by the Russians at the end of the war.
The plane was remotely piloted by another aircraft, but crashed during a powerful storm, giving birth to the Roswell legend.


So it wasn't Project Mogul, it was a plot devised by The Red Skull and Baron Zemo to...wait, that's a comic book, not real life....
But really wouldn't the Skull and Zemo make more sense?
(Okay I know they were Nazis but still)

Okay, just for did the Soviets get the Horton Ho 229 into New Mexico?
Did they sneak it over in a Russian freighter and fly it out?
Since it was remotely piloted by another aircraft, where did the other aircraft come from?
If the Ho 229 was "a forerunner of the modern B2 stealth bomber" maybe I can buy the Ho 229 getting through radar, but what about the controlling aircraft?
Was it stealth as well?
If so, that means the Soviet Union has had stealth technology since the late 1940s.

This is a Horton Ho 229

I don't really think it looks much like a flying saucer.
Does it really look futuristic enough to terrify people?
You know once that sucker landed in a populated area, the US Military would take a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude.
Autopsies would follow in which the "aliens" would be revealed as surgically altered children.
The Horton Ho 229 would be stripped down and quickly determined to be of terrestrial origin, considering the US already had their own flying wing aircraft in the works then.

It would seem the whole scheme would be a gigantic waste of time.

And The Red Skull and Baron Zemo could have come up with a much better one.

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lightprophet said...

In Annie Jacobsen's recent book, 'AREA 51, An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base', she made reference to Wiesbaden, Germany as being a U-2 aircraft base. In reality, Wiesbaden only had two U.S. military facilities: an Army Hospital and a small Air Force post, Lindsey Air Station, which was too small to even have an aircraft runway of any kind - and was surrounded by civilian businesses and infrastructure. I was stationed at Lindsey Air Station in Wiesbaden in the early 1980s, so I KNOW what I am talking about! She is either a victim of incorrect information, made a serious mistake, or the ENTIRE BOOK is full of fabrication - which should render it entirely specious. I am fed up with lies in print by clever business-savvy people who do not deserve their notoriety. Therefore, it would be in her best interest to make some disclaimer in a public fashion concerning this SERIOUS ERROR. If she does not do so, I will personally make it my mission to discredit her as a serious journalist and writer.
Ernest Blackwood

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