Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Being", Part 17

In the prior chapter I spoke of character avatarship of me, in relation to storytelling environments, i.e. comic books in the middle school, and my understanding of what was being portrayed therein.
Of course, for the first time at that time, I was introduced to a team called the X-Men headed by the Professor X. At the time I was introduced to such a group in within the comic book world, I did silently recognize that this was my actual team of real world proportions, avatarred in the comic book, though at that specific time and place, I never even gave a hint as to this recognition, though I have since, in the current time of the present. But while they were represented in a way as to be individually characterized, i.e. with personal powers, and what not, I knew that as a team, they were assembled as a cohesive unit under me, as disciple student/team members. Thus, I knew they did not actually have the literal individualistic powers as specified in the comic books, but that they were all learning as they went along, from me, in real life.
Since then in 8th grade middle school, this original team of X-Men have followed me throughout my lifetime, learning in each different times and places of periods of the stages of my real life. As I continuously taught throughout my life, stretched out over periods of years, cultivating and shaping and molding this group of mine, to a status of stellar cosmic proportions in the current day present now, as I dub them: Godlings!
But I digress, in the time of the middle school years, I also recognized another group that had spawned, and that was The Avengers.
It seemed, as I recognized it, there were teamships spawning everywhere, starting with the X-Men, who were eager to come aboard, to be a part of this elite unit of mutants as taught by me specifically, and The Avengers were actually the second group I recognized as such, the X-Men being the first. Thusly, in this capacity, only correlated and communicated through and by the comic books, this teamship of mine which spanned beyond the X-Men, steadily grew over time, quite evidently so, just in the middle school years, though throughout my entire lifetime...way too many currently to mention in totality. Subjectively, to be quite honest, if one knows how and what to look for, I am actually everywhere in the comic book world, there are literal 'pieces' of me strewn all over, in avatar charactership of that which I not one single character actually represents me in least not yet. Again, this was a tactic of telling the truth in a masking kind of way, i.e. telling it in a comic book, which was a safe environment to reveal such things hidden secretly in real life from the mainstream. Thus, all the drama portrayed in the comic book world have actually been real lifetime events, and not just made up cartoons, this includes at that time, in the Marvel comic book world...The Secret Wars series. Indeed, in the capacity of the secret covert world that I have been living in all my life, in these comic book world environments much have been revealed in honest truth, on what has been going on secretly behind closed doors, outside of mainstream society, and thusly I have revealed some of them here.
As may not find any official records on any of these sensitive pieces of actual history, which played out in secrecy...the only way actually is to be connected to my inner circle of intimate people who are deeply knowledgeable to all and every secret historical event...never officially recorded!

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