Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The NAU is No Conspiracy Theory | The John Birch Society - Truth, Leadership, Freedom

Map of the theoretical NAU, with Canada, Mexic...Image via WikipediaThe NAU is No Conspiracy Theory The John Birch Society - Truth, Leadership, Freedom:

"Conservative blogger John Hawkins ranked Jerome Corsi as the #3 most annoying person on the Right. And what did Corsi do to earn such a title? According to Hawkins the charge stems from Corsi's 'kooky' beliefs that the North American Union (NAU) is actually a stealth plan that would eventually merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into one EU-like nation.
Commenting on Corsi, Hawkins wrote:
Nobody has worked harder to convince people that the completely moronic North American conspiracy theory is real than the right's version of Dylan Avery, kooky Jerome Corsi.
Hawkins is quick to judge Corsi for his NAU beliefs, yet gives little in support of why the agreement is not a threat to this nation. In Hawkins' blog posts, he concludes that President Bush 'cannot arbitrarily combine the US with Mexico and Canada.' However, one only has to look at the European Union to see that when countries join in an economic or security agreement, a total integration takes place – even without a ratified constitution.
Furthermore, Hawkins harps on the fact that the NAU plan was orchestrated by Robert Pastor who – as a member or the Council on Foreign Relations – has no impact on government policy. Hawkins fails to explain to his readers that the CFR's membership has dominated the Executive Branch of our nation's government for the past several decades, and impacts our nation's policies and direction every single day. Although the CFR claims to not officially play a part in our government policies, one only has to look at members of the Bush administration (as well as previous administrations), who are also members of the CFR, to see the level of dominance they have exerted."

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