Sunday, February 11, 2007

Roswell's UFO, The Roswell-UFO Cover Up

Roswell's UFO -
For years people have asked why would the U.S. government have become actively involved in a cover-up of the Roswell 1947 UFO crash (and possible recovery) of living/dying/dead extraterrestrials. Why for that matter should there be UFO cover-ups of any kind?
While the National Security Agency claims that the deletions in its above top secret affidavit relate solely to the protection of its intelligence-gathering capabilities, this is most certainly only half the truth.
Since 1946 it must have been clear to defense intelligence chiefs studying the so-called GHOST AIRCRAFT wave in Scandinavia and elsewhere that intelligently controlled objects of unknown origin and purpose were operating in our atmosphere! Even as early as 1942, when mysterious objects appeared over Los Angeles, General George Marshall, as Army Chief of Staff, was unable to account for the sightings in conventional terms."

Roswell's UFO, The Roswell-UFO CoverUp -

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