Thursday, March 29, 2007

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research:

"The province of Ontario has been hit with a UFO flap here in March of 2007. Besides the many, many reports that came in over the meteor sighting on March 11, 2007 there were stacks of sighting reports of unknown objects seen either in the daylight hours or after dark. From triangles to disk shaped object, lights in chevron patterns, and what appears to be possible abduction or certainly missing time for some folks while this flap was going on in Ontario. Why Ontario, I haven't a clue as the rest of the provinces here in Canada have not produced much in the way of sighting reports for March as far as I know. UFO report after report came in, and still coming in to HBCC UFO Research. If other people have witnessed something odd in Ontario, Canada please do contact Brian Vike at HBCC UFO Research."

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