Monday, January 5, 2009

The Being, Part Three

The story of the "Being" continues.....

In the prior chapter, I jumped ahead of its time to detail a certain poignant piece of my life.
I now step down to when I was 10 years of age, one year older than the prior chapter(s).
In around this age, I was engaging in human social rituals still with the manager's son, Johnny, and at this time I did something magnificent and showed him something that to this day no one else has had the privilege to see or be shown! One day while with little Johnny, I asked him to go in the closet with me, my mom & dad's/me & my brother's room, that we all shared together. Once in there I opened up a portal to another world that I myself had been once before, on the closet wood panel wall, the world was Deorlaan(door lane), a world similar to but quite different from Earth. Once open, I showed him an open area of nature, which he looked on hungrily with amazed eyes and the youthfulness of a wander struck school boy. While I had it opened, an animal wandered into the scene, first a little bit off into the distance, but I was wise, I told Johnny to be still and quiet and perhaps it would come closer to us! To much to my prediction, it did, it must have been curious as to what such view it was looking at, i.e us from Earth in the closet, peering through via portal. Needless to say, it came close enough that it stuck its head out over the portal entrance, and I whispered to Johnny: Pet it, go ahead! to which he did much to his glee! The animal tho I cannot remember proper, I know was either a horse or a unicorn, that much I am sure of, but memory does not permit me to recollect correctly today, but I do understand this incident to have been recorded as well by the Secret Watchers, but I think I am correct in saying it was recorded via audio only at that time, actually it was...shame really. Anyway, after I closed the portal, I told Johnny to keep this a secret between us only, he said okay! But sometime later, word had gotten out about the closet incident, and I caught wind of such talk. Well needless to say, this upset me and I made up my mind not to share portals with anyone EVER AGAIN!!!!!
Though later in my adulthood, I have since found out, that it was not little Johnny who had spoken about the portal, but the Secret Watchers, but nevertheless, it would be the last time such sharing from me would ever be engaged with another, thus little Johnny was and still is the only human to have ever actually seen a real portal in real life.

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Walt said...

Your memory seems to be a little faulty. Are you sure you were not in the closet exploring little Johnny's portal?

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