Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories, Number 1!

 Kentucky Fried Chicken makes black men impotent
Kentucky Fried Chicken has been claimed to be owned by the Klan and that the chicken is laced with a drug that makes only black men impotent. Ironically, the franchise is actually owned by an African-American.
Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders' will was rumored to have left 10% of KFC's profits to the Ku Klux Klan.

According to numerous websites, and, in particular, urban legend expert Jan Harold Brunvand, author of numerous books on the subject of urban legends, beginning in the 1980s and continuing through the '90s, Church's Chicken became the victim of two rumors: 1) that the company was run by the KKK and 2) that the company used saltpeter, or a similar substance, to make black men sterile. Often, the rumors were combined into one story, to make it seem even more plausible. However, as with all urban legends, none of this has ever been substantiated; in fact, as has been noted, Church's has often been instrumental in the encouragement of African-American-owned-and-operated businesses and is currently presided over by the industry's first black female.

Well dont feel alone KFC and Church's... Tropical Fantasy, Snapple,Liz Claiborne , Marlboro, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, KOOLS and Coors have all been the target of similar rumors.

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