Tuesday, April 8, 2008

UFO " Cover-up" Ending?

Has anyone noticed that the " UFO cover-up" stories are getting more and more popular?
Everywhere you look, people are coming out saying that the cover-up is almost at an end. Is this a cycle? Or are people latching onto this 2012 effect that seems to be spreading?


" Exopolitics Toronto, one of Canada's leading UFO research organizations, has taken dramatic and substantive political action to end the UFO cover-up. Each member of the Canadian Parliament has been provided with a copy of the full length feature film documentary ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update'' DVD, labeled "Top Secret". For the first time in Canadian history, elected officials will be able to personally view documented evidence that, when investigated by Parliament, will pave the way for a serious examination of the UFO matter. Providing Members of the Canadian Parliament with this remarkable documentary is the first stage in creating the political awareness necessary to stimulate Parliamentary acknowledgment and analysis of the public policy implications of the UFO matter. Responses by several MPs thus far indicate copies of the film documentary have been received favourably and are being reviewed with interest. Exopolitics Toronto officials continue to monitor how each Parliamentary Member will engage this matter. "

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 06, 2008 ) Mountain Lakes, NJ – An article on the home page of SuperLife (superlife.ws) proclaims, “Over 400 Insiders Join to Expose ET/UFO Cover-up, Citing Covert Projects That Could Save the Planet if Declassified.”
The article is by Richard W. Samson, Director of the EraNova Institute and founder of SuperLife World Service (superlife.ws), a new social network dedicated to helping people avoid self-destruction and catch the surge to an advanced era.

The United Nations has designated the year 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy. Whether this was purposeful or just a coincidence, it lines up perfectly with their alleged plan to encourage disclosure of information about the UFO phenomenon next year. After one or more meetings and briefings on the subject were allegedly held in February of this year, I made a number of inquiries and have been astonished at the results.

So is this gonna build all the way to 2012?

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