Sunday, April 13, 2008

Even MORE Draco-Reptilian links......

Since the reptiles seem to be really popular, I thought I'd post a few more links......

Reptilians at Above Top Secret. (I love this site!)

The lines have been clearly drawn between those who promote the Draco-Reptilian New World Order and those who have shown by word and deed that they are part of the Resistance. This treatise is dedicated to those stalwart individuals who have made the commitment to resist the draco-reptilian overlordship. I believe within one generation a small percentage of Humans will have broken free from the Reptilian Yoke.

These physical descriptions are compiled from a large database on reptilian-human contacts. In some cases, the experiencer may recall only one physical characteristic of the nonhuman entity that was encountered. On the other hand, other people have vivid memories of their encounter and are able to provide detailed reports of the reptilian beings anatomy. The following is a compilation of these eyewitness descriptions for your review.

Largely subterranean, pterodactyloid-like hominoids with bat-like wings. Sometimes describes as possessing 'horns' and thus are considered very similar to the traditional depiction of the 'devil', according to certain individuals who have encountered them.

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