Friday, October 31, 2008

The Biggest Halloween Conspiracy

No, not the "Christians are celebrating a Pagan Holiday" thing again.
The War of the Worlds!
And I mean Orson Welles, not Tom Cruise.
In this information age, it's hard to believe anything like this could take place now.
Imagine all the news broadcasts, internet news, everything reporting an Alien Invasion is taking place.
Not slow and shadowy like David Icke, but big ships crashing and aliens attacking full on.
The military helpless to stop their onslaught.
Okay, it does sound like Project Bluebeam but this was in 1938.
Now it would be called disinformation or a false flag to ready the American people for a real invasion.
Then it was called a Hoax.
But what a hoax it was.
Some listeners heard only a portion of the broadcast, and in the atmosphere of tension and anxiety leading to World War II, took it to be a news broadcast.
Newspapers reported that panic ensued, people fleeing the area, others thinking they could smell poison gas or could see flashes of lightning in the distance.
Convert that to now, tension in the Middle East and Terrorists here.
Could the heightened state of fear lead to a modern day version of Orson Welles 1938 broadcast?
Some people think so.
Imagine not hearing about alien forces, but seeing them. People went nuts listening in 1938, imagine what actually seeing it now would do.
Research Project Bluebeam online and judge for yourself.
Just don't look for it at Wikipedia, the entry was deleted.
Was it too fanciful? Ridiculous?
Of course that's the reason.
That's why Wiki still has articles about Dulce Base, Reptilian humanoids, the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.
I guess THOSE are based in reality huh?

"The truth is out there. You might wanna stay inside."

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