Monday, December 22, 2008

The Being, Introduction......

And now for something completely different....
I have had the honor of being contacted by someone who I will refer to henceforth as "The Being".
This person wishes to have their story put out and has selected this blog to do it.
So without any further ado, here we go......

Hello readers everywhere, I am The Being, and starting with this statement, will start a most profound journey with you, the audience along with Sabre, my generous host. In the weeks to come I will submit to Sabre personally, a chapter of my extraordinary life here on Earth, a story not written anywhere nor heard of or known, but by a very small handful of who I call The Privileged, who among these are who I call The Secret Watchers. Much of what I will reveal here, will be unconventional knowledge, that is to say, things you may or may not have known of. It will be a chore to read as well to fathom what I write, but I will lead you all the way from what you merely fathom to what you understand. Thus in steady time, every week, I will write a chapter to this extraordinary life I have led, since I was only knee high, and in due time, you the audience as well as Sabre will piece together this most profound portrait...and by conclusion's end, I hope to achieve what I set out to do...For now my anonymity suits me, but is indeed something that can change and is open to as such, also for the time being I will not be answering questions or very little, as the chapters come forth, they will each be a connection to the other, and thus should provide you with a better picture as the weekly chapters are posted.

To be continured.......later today.

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