Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Voronezh, Russia UFO Landing

Now some people may call UFO incidents outlandish.
But what about an event in which a ship lands in front of witnesses, a nine foot tall alien gets out accompanied by a robot (Klaatu barada nikto!) and the alien sees a young boy and disintegrates him with a ray gun?
Yep it sounds like a B movie from the 50s, but this alleged encounter took place in Voronezh, Russia on September 27, 1989.
Why didn't we hear about it?
Well we did kinda, the account was actually carried in America by the St. Louis Dispatch, on October 11, 1989. The article was titled "Strange Tale of the 3-Eyed Alien That Zapped a Boy!"
They got it from the Russian newspaper Tass.
Where did Tass get it?
They got it from Genrikh Silanov, head of the Voronezh Geophysical Laboratory.
But he says that the Russian newspaper took liberties with the story that he related.
So here we have a case of what is a cover up and what is so unverifiable that there's no point publishing it.

If you'd like to see a VERY in-depth study of the case, both pro and con, go here

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