Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Being", Part 11

Yes, I am now in So. Cal and for the most part, a quiet place, but with BIG SECRETS, the tallest of which was and still is ME!
It makes me ponder if whether this place had been a government built society, much like a secret society, where it is not quite the norm, like any other society would be, like say: Miami. But nonetheless, in general, I felt welcomed, regardless of the enemies I had attracted.
Some things I have done at this So. Cal location, while at my middle school, but before I start, I have to say these things were done to warrant particular responses to my devised tests, to which only I knew what exactly I was looking for...and again, this is a pop quiz, an incognito event, which its sole main concern is to catch the natives of Earth at their naked self, with all masks off. So when regarding use of powers, I for the most part, did it in a slight way, if not in a covert way, a la 007.
One instant would be, when I would give colds to certain students or make what colds they already had, even worse, i.e. if they were taking pills and/or medication, I would override its healing effects by *psionically pushing or by mentally inducing them into a more profound state of illness, but not in any way...lethal...or even borderline. Something to the effect of giving them a rough(er) throat or headache or tummy aches or even making it last longer or even when almost healed, compounding the situation by elongating it further, which at times I would end up healing, only due to the counter action of not being able to bond with any cold medication, which of course I had a hand in overriding its healing effects of to the individual.
Some other things I have done to test them, would be, and this I did more than I probably should have, was to manipulate their memories, both students and adult faculty alike. As far as going to the extent as to rearrange memories and/or making them forget things, only to bring them back to the norm when I had taken due mental note and was then satisfied to end the session in progress.
But it was not ALL TEST AND NOTATION TAKING, I was as well teaching them, with many things, but most prominent of which was with wisdom. Talking about wisdom, one other facet of my testing included, quite extensively, the counter actions as partaken by me, in correlation to any wisdom given, but this was to teach, through such ways as to reflect back at them, the very fibre of hypocrisy I so frequently witnessed, astoundingly by even the most 'upright'...especially this type, to be quite honest.

P.S. There were though, at times, when I would come out of my 007 mode and be quite open with my feats of powers, but again for testing purposes and its subjective results.

* I do believe in another chapter, I defined: Psionic Push

** some notes to mention regarding some of the test tactics such as ailment: there were certain times when befallen ill to the extent under which I put the individual in, some would get quite religious, as to posit God and/or Jesus references

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