Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"The Being", Part 14

Within this chapter I will touch upon the subject matter of The Secret Watchers and their tactics of presenting me with 'planted' folks, if you will, in my lifetime.
Now, in a prior chapter, I mentioned some friends of mine, Chris and Ryan, who were my childhood friends from long ago. Who to my coincidental surprise moved to the same neighbourhood in the South Bay area when I exactly did. But to later find out in my adulthood, that it was planned all along by The Secret Watchers.
So here are two childhood friends, who I for the most part, innocently saw as simple human friends, who to me at the time, I had thought, had absolutely no knowledge of who I actually was. Turns out though, they actually had absolutely full knowledge of who I was. So now reflectively looking back on this, I can find moments of our friendship when certain things I did, in a 'safe environment' would actually warrant a major wide eyed momentous event...safe environment as written here regards to the aspect of any given environment under which I would deem safe to be the real me, without outing myself as to who I really am.
So one instant would be when we were all playing cards in Chris and Ryan's room, it was Black Jack. We had all been handed our cards and were at the stage of deciding whether to hit or not, it was my turn to decide, and I had a hand of 20, now in this instant I am safe as to not needing a hit, because the object of the card game is to come as close to 21 as you can, if not 21 exactly. So in this case, a hit would not suffice, I should stay...BUT...I told Ryan, who was dealing that day, that I wanted a hit anyway. Now this was done in a joking manner, and yes, I was playing along with the theme of joking whim...BUT...when Ryan gave me the card I hit for, it turned out to be a 1, and I received a perfect 21, and won that round of card game. To which all around between the two brothers, were mutterings of: I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it! At this point both their faces went from laughing from such a ridiculous request to hit, to stone sober straight of astonishment.
Looking back, once again, though I had thought this was a 'safe environment' to be the real me, it was clearly one which in fact was not, and where the two friends had actually known what they had just witnessed! But to much of my own subjectivity, was still playing ignorant as to admitting to what had just actually occurred...I was playing dumb as it were. In fact, in the next round of card playing, I deliberately made poor investments as to lose and be careless with my dealt hand of cards, as to cover up my tracks...masking the reality of it all, but according to their Secret Watcher status, they were not so dumb to the situation of what they had just witnessed and took heavy and due note!
Well turns out that The Secret Watchers had always done this in my lifetime, and still do, for the most part, to keep direct tabs on me, besides keeping tabs on me through the Matrix/Big Brother system. So yes, in my life, I really do not know who could be a 'planted' person or not, it can be literally anyone...which by the way, my enemy does the same to, and sends forth into my life, 'planted' people...and because these people can literally by anyone, it is truly hard to discern.
For example, it has and still can be a homeless bum on the streets...O yes!!!
Thus, it makes making friends a difficult task indeed for me...resulting in my loner mentality and ways when I am in a new or social environment or even in my life in general...really.

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