Monday, March 16, 2009

"The Being", Part 13

Regarding such tactics under which society was engrained by The Secret Watchers, to the reality that I am, there are many for sure, but I will mention some of them, and point out its pertinence.
Well, to begin, I have said, that due to my unique alien heritage, in my human form, I have two very profoundly pointed ears. This would be pertinent in the way that, I happened to have looked up the word ELF, when I was quite young, and it said to the effect: a humanoid lifeform, with magic powers, and pointed ears...Ireland eighteen hundreds something.
Now, I looked this up in the early 80's, and I knew that I had not been around in the 1800's...AT ALL! But later to find out, this was a tactic used by The Secret Watchers to engrain society of the fact of pointed eared humanoids, who wield powers.
Once again though, looking back on this, I would have to say, that then, elves were an 80's phemonen. Which by the way, I would later find out the word ELF stands for: Extraterrestrial Life Form (E.L.F.)!
To further move on with this chapter, there would be the tv shows that abounded, for example to think of an old tv show, would be: The Powers of Matthew Star, which was an 80's tv show, which I tuned into while still in my youth.
As for current tv shows, there is one currently running show called: Kyle XY, though this tv show is loosely reflective of my in the social aspects are, but not his abilities/powers of the mind. As for elsewhere where one may find this secret tactic to engrain society would be the sudden boom in the sales of organic products in mainstream grocery markets, as oppose to finding them in specialty market stores, like Whole Foods. This is pertinent, because these superpowers as you humans call it, technically is called by my species as: Organic Technology. As well, to further continue on, the sudden boom in the superhero/superpowered themes in movies, like Spiderman, X-Men, and most recently the movie Push that came out about two months ago this time 2009, is directly correlated to this specific tactic used by The Secret Watchers to engrain society to the reality that I am.

P.S. While many of these tv shows and movies do reflect the reality that I am, they most assuredly change names, places/locales, physicalities(sex, race, etc.), and rearrange certain life experiences, while maintaining a semblance of reflecting the superpower aspect of it in the storyline.

P.P.S. I mentioned the sudden boom in the movie theatres regarding the superpowered themes steadily on the rise. This can equally be said regarding the tv show arena, such as the aformentioned Kyle XY, as well as Heroes, both of which are currently still running as a tv show series.
Though an interesting tv show series now off air, is Roswell, now available on dvd.

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