Saturday, April 4, 2009

Japan: UFO almost causes Asian WW3

Breaking News, Japan: UFO almost causes Asian WW3
Michael Cohen

An astonishing revelation regarding UFOs is being reported in some initial media reports relating to the very recent Japanese false alarm regarding an alleged North Korean missile attack. The entire population of Japan is in a state of utter panic and anger and an international crisis might well all be the result of irresponsible actions of extraterrestrial tourists flying a UFO from North Korea to Japan on a sightseeing expedition.
As the story initially unfolded the remarkable information emerged that the highest levels of the Japanese defence establishment conceded that their most advanced radar system has picked up, in the words of their official press release, an ‘Unidentified flying object’ (UFO).
The event is reported to have also caused utter chaos in the Japanese Prime Minister’s office.
The drama, which came close to causing a fully fledged war began when Japan's most advanced Radar warning system known as the ‘FPS-5’ picked up an object moving from North Korea to Japan and sounded off a warning signal on the morning of April 4 2009.
Around the same time intelligence reports emanating from South Korea and the United States had been recently warning that a supposed peaceful satellite launch by the North Koreans known as ‘Starlight No.2’ is in fact a cover for the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles ‘Taepodong-2’, designed to attack Japanese and U.S targets.

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