Monday, April 6, 2009

"The Being", Part 16

While still in middle school, indeed there were a lot of things that did happen, in fact way too many to really hit upon subjectively, thus to give it any semblance of poignancy,
I try to hit upon what I see as high notes.
Now during middle school I used to read and collect comic books with along some other friends of mine. At that time, there were two with which we all basically perused, and that was: Marvel and DC comic books. In within each of them individually, they would characterize subjectively certain personas that apparently subjectified a real group or person. As in, there was this Japanese fellow superhuman, with the powers to wield the elemental heat compounds to his personal use...basically think of Human Torch, but Japanese. But indeed, this represented in my friends view, a mere symbol of in the land of the rising sun...get it, as it were! In fact, his costume was emblazened with the very Japanese flag of the current sun portrayal. Now to my friends this was how to relate to what was going on in the comics, so then I got to know that this fellow did not really exist nor did he have actual heat elemental powers at all, but was a mere symbol for Japan, so my friends would tell me it is all based on symbolisation, regarding very down to Earth meanings, not its direct literal meaning. So I said to the effect: What a rip, you mean to tell me, it is all made up! Well I know that, it is after all a comic book! I mean no one has real powers, come on! They all turned dogmatically toned down from laughable fellows, to staunch stern professors!!!
My goodness...sheesh.
It seemed no one appreciated my statement, but it was clear that when it came to the stories told it was based on symbolisation, for political definitions, so that young kids could relate better to 'grown up' things in life. My friends had told me that this was a tool tactic used to keep everyone informed, which included kids. Well again, then here I go with the idea...well of course, come on now, no one has real superpowers anyway! More frustrations arise visibly on each face, I had done it again. Needless to say, I was at that time under strict disguise, and could not break this at all for its current time and place...NOW...they all know that, but at that time back in the 80's in middle school, no one did. So anyway, they would then 'play' my game, and thus ask me some certain questions, of course in the most ernest comic book fashion...ahem!
So then certain questions would be asked would be as such: Uh, if you were to be represented, how would you like to be? So of course my disguise being in full force, I said...I don't know exactly, what do you think? ~tee hee~ They all started to think to themselves, and each kid slowly started to point out some things about me, that suited my character, certain ones mentioned: I am meek, mild, least with those around me, a teacher type...hmmm, then came the idea of superpowers with which to include with my comic book persona. This was a pickle, as I would not cop to that time. Needless to say, to what they could surmise to the best of their ability to observe, they showed me Professor X and his X-Men. I was apparently Professor X, and I had accumulated the status of the most profound mental mind in all existence.
Well I merely saw this and without outwardly acknowledging it, I merely went with it...ahhh, only to be quite true in this current time and place!!! But to my own part as participant in the jaunts of adventurism in the 8th grade, I did at the least bottom barrel, egg them on in the idea of certain things about me, in a most ticklish way. To be a bit more clear, when asked on the subject of comics, and superpowers, of course my own speak was that of ignorance, but with a most ticklish P.S. behind it. Such as in certain moments, when we would gather around collectively with our comic books, I may have said: You know I understand that it is all symbolisation, but would it not be awesome to REALLY have superpowers!!! Of course everyone's mind was turned at the time with such an offbeat comment. Which would then turn into a Q&A session with me, which I indeed would only participate mildly. Certain queries posited: Well if there were the possibility of real superpowers, what would they be like in reality...realistically? I would always answer first with a question in answer to a question...thusly, came: What do you think? They started by saying things like, faster calculating abilities, like doing math rapidly...cybernetic robotics...musculature...etc.
So I would slyly say something to the effect of: How about telepathy, reading minds? Thus, implanting mental prowess into the equation of humanised powers they were all mentioning. Of course, this led to all kinds of posits, from the simplistic to the fantastically profound, to which in the end at that time at least to the final posit: ...but so what, it's not like any of this is real anyway, so why talk about it...ahhh, but I had set my goal and scored, they were at least entertaining it!!!

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