Sunday, July 22, 2012

The 2012 Olympic False Flag?

Wanna see something kinda spooky?
Go to the Rockefeller Foundation website.
Go to Publications and download the PDF for "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development"
Now go to page 34 and look at this....

"The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the “doom decade” for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped out Nicaragua, and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change."

Okay I know that this is all scenario planning, it clearly says that at the beginning of the PDF.
But it does feel a little spooky doesn't it?
Especially with all the looking back at the 9/11 foreshadowing that seemed to be there.

Of course if they predict and hit an earthquake and a tsunami 2 years in advance (the paper was written in 2010) we have a lot more to worry about than we thought!

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