Thursday, April 5, 2007


This is a response to many inquiries that I have received concerning the alleged "Roswell UFO Piece" (a.k.a. "RR3") given to me on Aug 19, 1995.

Numerous bogus claims have been made "long after it was scientifically proven" that the piece was very terrestrial! Why these claims continue should be obvious to your readers. The science is in…I just checked (again!) with numerous scientists on this "find".

"The RR3 Specimen" is not a part or piece of a UFO. I now wish I had never seen the object or been a party to this seemingly endless attempt to make this object into something it is not. This includes recent statements by some that the object defies camera filming.

That's funny! Mike Portanova filmed it with great skill and beauty. In fact, most of the photos taken of it are his excellent work." But now, science and the scientists have spoken. I think its time for others to be quiet.

Royce Meyers, the "Watchdog of UFOlogy," hit the nail right on the head in his UFO updates statement recently. Royce is a cop and a good one…it was his discovery concerning the cattle mutilation on our site that opened up the find of "Pure bovine Hemoglobin" (by Nancy Talbot/Dr. W.C. Levengood).

Royce is a friend to Ted Oliphant (the Fife, Alabama cop who's brilliant work on cattle mutes left all of us wondering) and both are friends of mine. Both men are "stand up guys." Here is the entire history on this case and the FINAL results of the testing of the "Alleged Roswell UFO Object" (also known as "RR3") to date.

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