Monday, December 10, 2012

If We Can't Have APCs We Want Drones!

Remember back in June when I said that Berkeley, Albany, and the University of California police departments all wanted those heavily armored Bearcats, made by Lenco Industries, but the Coalition for a Safe Berkeley stopped them?
Well never fear!
If we can't go at you from the ground, we'll come at you from the air!

"Better known as drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles piloted by military in the U.S. hunt and kill suspected enemy combatants abroad. Now the drones are coming home to beef up local law enforcement.
But people across the U.S. are pushing back, contending that domestic drones could invade personal privacy or chill free speech by monitoring political activities.
“They want to use it for intelligence gathering – that’s spying,” Linda Lye of the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union told media at a hastily called press conference Dec. 4 outside the Alameda County administration building in downtown Oakland."

Yep...that's Alameda County, home of Berkeley, Albany and the University of California, Berkeley.

Hey...I wonder if those bad boys can be programmed to home in on RFID chips.....?

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