Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The truth about conspiracy theories

The truth about conspiracy theories: "What is a conspiracy theory? There seems to be a lot of them because every time I write about another government program or policy, the denials begin as someone starts smirking 'conspiracy theory' and calling me a fringe whacko. It's getting tiresome.
Another name they like to throw around is racist if I happen to write something about government programs designed to take my money to give to someone else. 'Racist.'
And if I happen to question environmental policy, then I'm a lackey of big business who wants to pave the earth. The term they use for radicals like me is the 'astro turf crowd.'
To sum it all up, apparently, I'm a fringe radical, racist whacko who wants to destroy the earth. Wow. It's got to be a heavy burden having someone like me lurking in society. I'm sure there are lots of laws in the works to protect those who never get involved in anything from being harmed by my rude questioning of our dedicated public servants.
The funny thing is, in forty years of political life I have never once advocated passing a law or imposing a regulation or rule to make anyone do anything. I have spent my life just trying to get others to leave me, my family and my property alone. Whacko indeed."

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