Sunday, February 4, 2007

Falling Ice Generates Conspiracy Theories

Falling Ice Generates Conspiracy Theories: " A large block of ice plummets from the Florida heavens, wrecking a Ford Mustang parked on a neighborhood street and triggering theories on its origin from across the country.
Readers fascinated by the 18-inch frozen chunk that smashed into Andres Javage's car Jan. 28 have suggested investigators not overlook 'the UFO angle' and check whether there might be a connection with China 'blowing up' a satellite.
Still, others were convinced the falling ice was simply a hoax.
Weather experts said weather conditions that day wouldn't create such a large ice brick. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration is checking whether a passing airplane might be to blame.
As authorities puzzle over what caused the phenomenon, Javage, 20, can take heart in knowing his smashed car is not alone."

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