Sunday, February 4, 2007

NOW Magazine - The Goods in Toronto, JANUARY 18 - 24, 2007

NOW Magazine - The Goods in Toronto, JANUARY 18 - 24, 2007: "The store hours for anti-disinformation book and DVD shop Conspiracy Culture (see below) refer to alt-thinking milestones like the September 11 attacks and let owner Patrick Whyte discourage closed-minded types from entering his Queen and Roncesvalles shop. He opened after speculating that armchair skeptics and serious conspiracy theorists might like a place to mingle outside of late-night online message boards.
Bookshelves are stacked with suspicious tomes covering the occult, weird science and secret societies, while UFO books and staple-bound declassified government documents litter reading tables that get cleared away to make room for guest speakers and discussion groups. These days, Whyte's customers are debating the connection between mind control and downtown's new WiFi hot spots and Iraq war-related politics and profiteering.
Memorabilia including an original page from the evening edition of the November 22, 1963, Dallas Times Herald about the Kennedy assassination is the beginning of a mini misbelief museum. Conspiracy Culture picks : Seeds Of Deception, by Jeffrey M. Smith, digs into hunches about the political and health ramifications of genetically modified foods, $22.99; Daniel Pinchbeck's The Return Of Quetzalcoatl preps readers for a 2012 doomsday, $33.99; counterpoint your nightly CNN quota with Robert Greenwald's Iraq For Sale DVD, $17.99. "

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