Friday, February 2, 2007

Aerial Phenomena: Understanding The Implications

Aerial Phenomena: Understanding The Implications: "There are those that claim aerial phenomena originally presented itself at the dawn of recorded history while others argue some point possibly beyond. While there are convincing arguments for that premise if you consider the cave paintings at Lascaux, France, or the primitive petroglyphs (rock paintings) of the Dogon Tribe, in Mali, West Africa, there exists nothing in the way of physical 'hard evidence' (i.e. smoking gun) to corroborate the assumption. It would be a simple matter to encompass both points if only to cover the possibility of their common connection. However that is not the primary function of UFO research. Consider this analogy: 'UFO Research' is a person looking to buy a new suit. The 'current facts' that are available are existing as that 'new suit' are offered and in striking new colors and styles. Since the collective mind was already made up going in that today was going to be the day to buy the suit, it was only a matter of from which rack the suit was to be selected from."

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