Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Washington-Tokyo Yen Carry Trade Conspiracy

The Washington-Tokyo Yen Carry Trade Conspiracy

(EDITOR'S NOTE: They call it "cheap money." You buy yen then convert it to whatever and buy the assets of the world, consolidating and centralizing the wealth of the entire planet. Is it a "conspiracy"? Or is it just "business as usual"? You decide. Read Al Martin's column...)

(3-5-07) The greatest conspiracy between the United States and Japan was hatched in the post-WW II environment and has become active since about 2003 or so.

It is a sublime conspiracy between Washington and Tokyo, with Washington exerting the pressure, and the Bank of Japan going along for the same reasons Washington wanted to flood the world with cheap Japanese money through what is called the “yen carry trade.”

The yen carry trade refers to 1) borrowing money in yen from the Bank of Japan at a half of a percent, 2) using derivatives to convert that yen into other currency, and then 3) investing that other currency in global financial marketplaces, such as real estate, equities, debt instruments, commodity futures, etc.

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