Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Former governor says he saw UFO Former governor says he saw UFO:

"Former governor says he saw UFO
PHOENIX (AP) — Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington trotted out an aide dressed as an alien 10 years ago to spoof the frenzy surrounding mysterious lights in the Phoenix sky. Now he says he saw the lights himself and believed from the start that they were extraterrestrial.
Now a pastry chef and business consultant, Symington said he didn't acknowledge his own encounter at first because he didn't want people to panic. The former governor, who faced fraud charges at the time, also said he didn't need the additional problems such an admission would have created.
Symington discussed the sighting with a UFO investigator making a documentary, and in media interviews this week.
'I'm a pilot, and I know just about every machine that flies,' Symington, a former Air Force captain, told the Arizona Daily Star on Thursday. 'It was bigger than anything that I've ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don't know why people would ridicule it.'
Symington told CNN the craft he saw March 13, 1997, was 'enormous. It just felt otherworldly. In your gut, you could just tell it was otherworldly.'"

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