Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Persistence of Chronic Skepticism

The Persistence of Chronic Skepticism
R. Lee
July 15, 2007

The recent (July 13) Larry King program Are UFOs Real? on Roswell and UFOs had quite a panel: Roswell witnesses Jesse Marcel, Julie Shuster of the International UFO Museum and research Center in Roswell and daughter of Walter Haut. (Haut was public information officer at Roswell and was responsible for the press release announcing a “crashed disk” had been recovered,) ex-Arizona Governor Fyfe Symington, who openly mocked the Phoenix Lights sightings but recently came out to say he himself saw the UFO, UFO, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, (who seemed to have a debunking agenda of his own, but that’s deserving of an article all its own,) talk radio Coast to Coast’s host George Noory, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman, UFO documentary producer James Fox (Out of the Blue,) and arch skeptic Michael Shermer, among others.

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