Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The Being", Part Two of Part One

Part two of one from " The Being"......

It was during the time at my stay at L.A. that I began my duties for the mission given me, which included as a subsidiary mission to enlighten by way of guide.
As such, about nine years old, I was playing with a rubber blue ball, bouncing it against our electric fireplace, which had a brick foundation to it, and I was bouncing it in a way as to make it come back to me. On one such bounce, it landed on the edge of the brick base instead, just out of my reach. As I sat there feeling quite lazy, I merely made the brick base into rubber and then had it stretch the ball to my reach, to which I gladly picked up then. Now continuing on with my play with the ball, my cousin Annet came out, and asked me some question, to which I exclaimed out loud, what I had done, to which she said: Can you do it again? As I sat there and tried, I told her I now had a pounding headache, which prevented me from doing it again, and what a pounder it was of a headache!!! PAIN EXEMPLIFIED...But I had done what I set out to do, which was to test, but be it known, I am not in the habit of including my family in my affairs, so this sort of thing was indeed sparse, if at all; for me, secrecy kept against my family was VERY KEEN!
Another time was about when I was nine as well, it was when I would play a handheld black & white electronic game owned by the apartment manager's son, Johnny, about two years younger than me, so he was about seven, and the game was Donkey Kong Jr. I would play it first, and there would be levels to play, and on the first level played, I would be able to nine times out of ten times, or ten times out of ten times, make the initial score come up 333, and the small crowd of friends would be astonished by this every time. But what would REALLY make their day was when I would, while the numbers were rolling, hand the game over to someone else to hold, to which when the numbers stopped rolling...IT WOULD BE 333!!! Again to test, and see the results of therein, to which I hold unto myself, as one performing the tests. It would be later on when some friends would come by with other games such as Donkey Kong not Donkey Kong Jr., there would be some kind of trickery going on. What it seemed had happened was, that The Secret Watchers had produced this game Donkey Kong, with a secret hidden button that would make the character Mario jump, which is what the obvious button for jump did. For awhile, this friend would play Donkey Kong and make Mario jump without obvious actions, until I finally piped up and asked how it did that, and to which he revealed it to me...the secret button for jump, to which I exclaimed what a fool thing to do, why would anyone make a redundant button for jump!!!??? I thought the whole thing ridiculous and an utter waste of time, and surely thought the makers of the game mad!
I would later find out in my adulthood, that The Secret Watchers were envious of what I could do and was trying to outdo me at every chance, all the while exclaiming me...FRAUD! Though they themselves could not explain any of the things they would lay witness to!!!!!!!!!!!! But still there would be the supporters, and through their aide, I have reached a certain nexus point in my current life, in this place and time now. Needless to say, I was then asked by this certain neighbourhood friend who had just told me the secret button for jump, regarding how I do what others have boasted about when playing Donkey Kong Jr., to which I played dumb, a method besides lying, I would employ throughout my life, for many a reason, one of them being that it was not the proper time and place for revealances. Thusly, it faded away, the boasting from my neighborhood friends of my amazing feat regarding the manipulation of the score 333, and it was all but forgotten. Later I will tell you why this number IS SO MEANINGFUL AND SHOWN IN A RATHER ENCRYPTED WAY AT THE TIME, TO LATER BE DECIPHERED IN MY THIRTIES.

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