Monday, January 26, 2009

" The Being" part 6

In the prior chapter I spoke about certain TV shows and movies being made reflecting my life, I will touch upon this once again, here briefly.
Another TV show out now, that is loosely based on me is, Kyle XY. In this TV show, it is about a human who has 100% brain capacity, which is true about me...though when it actually comes to me, I have 100%+++, which means I had the brain capacity well above and beyond 100%, I could do things that even a human with 100% brain capacity could not do.
As it is, humans normally function at below 10%, only the human geniuses utilize 10% brain capacity, such as Einstein. Needless to say, I was born a hybrid, which in the SCRI(skree) language is:SHRIBAKNOI(shree bock noy), which means halfling/hybrid. Which due to my alien heritage, has given me very noticeably profound pointed ears. But anyway, to get back to the subject of testing humanity...while those who know me intimately know that I do not test and tell, I have spoken on this regard somewhat, and I shall here now as well.
For example, one thing I would do when testing, is reflect back to those around me, some of the things I would notice about humans, such as hypocrisy. I would in this case, to those around me, who I was testing as humanity as a whole, by way of deed and action, be hypocritical.
By doing so, I would show them the ills of humanity, and make them realize the error of their ways. This is merely one aspect of the way I would test humanity. Another way I would utilize testing methods, was devising a way to test them at their wits, this being quite detailed and varied in all its form and function, I will not go into detail here now, but one may imagine just what these tests entailed...morals, ethics, etc. etc.

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