Friday, January 30, 2009

UFO Sightings and Crashes, Part 2

More UFO sightings and crashes from before 1947......

1916 a UK pilot near Rochford reported a row of lights, like lighted windows on a railway carriage, that rose and disappeared.

1923 Quetta, Pakistan: no details, but I did find what could be an interesting link..."Flying Officer Desmond Reginald Loch. RAF. Beloved son of Colonel and Mrs. H.F. Loch. Born 27 Feb. 1901. Killed flying near Quetta 7 April 1923." Let the Conspiracy Experts have at it.

1925 Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA: Mysterious fireball explodes just outside Chevy Chase.

1925 Sept/Oct Polson, Montana: alleged crash.

1926, a pilot reported six "flying manhole covers" between Wichita, Kansas and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1926, an airmail pilot over Nevada was forced to land by a huge, wingless cylindrical object.

1926, while traveling in the Humboldt Mountains of Tibet's Kokonor region, Nicholas Roerich reported that members of his expedition saw "something big and shiny reflecting sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed".

1930 Mandurah, West Australia: In 1982 a 67 year old woman saw a picture of "ET", Steven Spielberg's cute alien creation. It made her think of an experience she had as a 15 year old girl, near the estuary at Mandurah, Western Australia. She supplied a report to the Perth UFO Research Group which stated: "(In 1930 I was) sitting reading with my parents in a humpy, on a block in Mandurah, in Greary Rd, by the light of a hurricane lamp, with the door partly open. The time (was) about 8 pm as we went to bed early.
"A little pink creature walked in. (It was) about 24 inches in height (with) large ears, big bulbous eyes, covered with a film, small hands, large feet, slit of a mouth, no hair, and shiny as if wet or oily. "We were terrified and my father went white and being a religious man said it was the work of the devil. "Picking up a prawning net, he picked it up in it and it made a noise like 'EE...EE' and my father put it outside.
We never saw it again and went to bed feeling very scared. This was in 1930 and I never thought any more about it until I saw a picture of 'ET,' although only its eyes were the same. ... It did not have a round body, more straight down like a child's body. (It's shape was) like an elf."

1933 Italy: in 1933, Mussolini had gathered together the greater part of scientists headed by G. Marconi and maybe formed the first worldwide secret organization for exploration of the UFO phenomena. The organization was active from 1933 to 1940 and they gathered many documents and pictures.

1936 Black Forest, Germany: A German writer, John Von Helsing, describes the discovery of a crashed saucer in the Black Forest, near Freiburg, in 1936 and says that this technology was taken and combined with the information the Vril Society had received through channeling and was made into a further project called the Haunebu.

1938 summer Czernica, Poland: near the two villages of Czernica and Kopaniec in the Góry Kaczawskie Mts., in Jelenia Góra Province, a strange incident occurred. Their inhabitants noticed an odd, disc-shaped UFO, which dropped from the sky. After that, the SS troops from the Jelenia Góra garrison came and brought the disc to Jelenia Góra town, where it was been examined by three Nazi German scientists: Prof. Max von Laue, Prof. Wernher von Heisenberg and Prof. Otto Hahn. Next that UFO was delivered either to the special Institute in Berlin - Dahlem, or to the top secret underground facility in the Góry Sowie Mts. The legend says that the Germans worked on the Nazi A-bomb there. Finally in 1944/45 they constructed the disc-shaped plane better known as the V-7 Vril or Haunebu , Hitler's miraculous weapon.

1941 West of San Diego, Ca: Dr. Wolf provided a revisionist history about the beginning of the modern UFO era. "The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean west of San Diego, and was retrieved by the Navy." The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since.

1941 Spring Cape Girardeau, Missouri: Reverend William Huffman, who was pastor of the Red Star Baptist Church, claimed that he was summoned to pray over crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1941.

1941 July 4 Tinian Island, Oceania: alleged crash.

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