Monday, February 23, 2009

"The Being", Part 10

Let me begin by saying that moving to So. Cal. and enrolling to Bert Lynn Middle School, gained me enemies, as well as devoted followers among The Secret Watcher crowd.
If you remember from a prior chapter, I told you I found out some of them were trying to out do me.
Well anyway, this followed me all the way to middle school, where their agents as I would label them, would always have it 'in' for me...always ready to shoot me down every chance they got. But for story telling purposes, I will not get too detailed and specific, lest I ruin the ending of this journey we are embarking in. So to continue on, these agents, as I would call them, were actual students who were for the most part, the same age and grade as I, but who were again working toward an other endeavor of deviousness...later when the story has progressed along sufficiently enough, I will tell you who exactly these enemies of mine were and still my adulthood at my current age of 36.
For now, I shall simply tell the tale in a general way, but specific enough to get the point.
Anyway, at certain moments, when I was testing, they would be in my face, after watching me through the Matrix/Big Brother, and confront me with all types of smarmy remarks and sarcastic questions. Along the lines of: So what! Anyone can do that, and what makes you so special!? ha ha ha...It was quite clear that their singular motive was to make me seem unexceptional, to bring me down and try to break me, as if to say: You're nothing...when they knew quite well, that on the contrary...I WAS QUITE SPECIAL! Now, like I said, I was continuously being filmed by Big Brother, so they would know enough through watching me from a distance, to then immediately confront me personally with what I had done, then make derogatory remarks about it. Funny though, indeed if they were secretly watching, then they would inevitably know I had nothing up my sleeves, but would still be in my face constantly...this says a lot about how these folks really were...petty and pitiful.
Anyway to continue on, moments like the one mentioned were quite common place whenever I would do some kind of testing and/or feat of power...but especially when I performed a feat of power. For story telling purposes though, I will get into these feats of power in the next chapter, along with touching on the subject of testing.

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