Monday, February 16, 2009

"The Being", Part 9

So now to bring along the story to its next chapter, I am now at So. Cal and have now just enrolled into Bert Lynn Middle School.
Again, I have no clue that what seemed like a simple move, was actually guided by the hand of The Secret Watchers nor that awaiting for me at the school is a specified curriculum and social environment catering to me and with all this are teachers and fellow students who already know of me.
But to me, it is just another day, casual with nothing special, very ho hum really. Also at that time, my friends who I have known as my dad's co-workers sons, had moved to the same place and same apartment building with their mom and dad, so our families were neighbours.
Funny thing with my friends, Chris and Ryan, I would find out my adulthood, they had full knowledge of me as well, and actually worked in conjunction with The Secret Watchers...which is a storyline that is interwovenly intricate in and of itself.
Going back to school...enrollment was rather slow and dull, so was first day and I was no stand out personality, but rather reserved...anyway. You have to remember, tho my heritage is alien, I am going around as tho human, in human form, in this disguised regard, tho my profoundly pointed ears would make one look, but for the most part make no waves, unless you were among *The Privileged...and of course they would take heavy note among themselves!
But regarding my reserved demeanor, like I said I was by nature this way anyway...but...due to my Clark Kent mode, I was in no hurry to be noticed, so playing it at lowkey was my agenda.

*for definitions of: The Privileged, look back on prior chapters

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