Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Being", Part 12

I mentioned in the prior chapter, that I at times, have and did come out of my 007 mode of operation, to openly be me.
Well, one incident was in class, specifically a science class, led by a Mr. Cheesman science teacher aficionado, apropos I would do this particular feat of power in science class, considering it later came to be called: Phase Physics.
I came to class with some other kids that day, and we got into a chat about the topic of superpowers, and what exactly this meant. Anyway, we began to talk on as to what our respective meanings were, and of course mine was really gone from any of their meaning. In gist, the classmates said such superpowers as being governmental, political and consisting of human bodies who run these respective superpowers, i.e. in the west, it is the U.S., and so on, throughout the world, and how these superpowers work cohesively to make function the world in its proper order...at least to the best of their abilities and to the degree under which they can by whatever resources laid available. Weeell, then came for me to give my two cents worth...and I said, NO IT'S NOT!
Superpowers is when you can do whatever you want, having powers, get it! That is what is meant by the term superpowers! Well, one of them said: Yes, that is true, as a superpower, you do have the capability to do whatever you want, this is quite correct of you...such as make new laws, change trends, introduce new products to the mass public, and even yes...have sexual relations with anyone you desire, I suppose, I mean as a superpower you would have it within your means to do it. Here I am once again: So then, perhaps would this so called superpower be able to let's say...make a styrofoam cup disappear? I mean if as you say this superpower can indeed do whatever he may, as a superpower, then surely he can make a styrofoam cup disappear! He then said: No, of course not, that's impossible, come on! Then I said: But that is what I mean by superpowers, the ability to do this kind of stuff, not what you guys are saying! Needless to say, we are now in class, on the cusp of starting class session and the class is steadily filling up with more and more students, as well, the science teacher is present. I am sitting in front of my styrofoam cup, mentioned earlier in the example of what superpowers means to me, and I am, without touching it, simply looking at it intensely with rather a pleasing smile, to which immediately...WHOP...the cup disappears! It is gone from sight, and everyone is simply stunned, to have just witnessed this impossible feat! Some loud whispers, along with blank stares, and...yes...snickering pursue. I ignore it all, and simply sit there stoically in my seat, when one of the baffoons, a member of the: You're not so special club, came stomping by, bumping into my desk hard, as to make the styrofoam cup fall from the desktop and land on the floor, only to make it reappear again, which again stunning the classroom eyes present. Well anyway, that day would be a day no one would or could ever forget, but in time, as my efforts as 'Peter Parker' would serve too impenetrable, indeed this and other days of being me would be washed away into somewhat obscurity, until in my adulthood, I would reference it once again, and had the current audience go and look it up in the Big Brother Archives, to be privy as eyewitnesses to an impossible event so many years ago, in my early youth...and yes...all were stunned all over again, as back then at the time in class.

That particular power used was transmutational in base, not bending of light as to cloak an object into falsified invisibility. Thus, in within its core foundation, the molecular structure of the totality whole was phased out, and as written earlier in this paragraph above, this would later be known as: Phase Physics...and tho acknowledged within The Secret world of Watchers, it has been featured in an episode of the Stargate sci fi tv show, regarding Merlin, The Ancients, and trying to find safe havens for a seemingly doomed people, from enemy hands, to where it was concluded to phase out the entire world itself...O yes, it was as well included in a Stargate fan magazine, in a pages long article regarding the exemplary science of The Ancients, as reported by Samantha Carter, the head scientist character on the sci fi tv show: Stargate.

P.S. Stargate is one of many sci fi tv shows that have borrowed much from the reality of my life, as offered them through the archives of The Secret Watchers' file on me. Which is a means of engraining, in a not so upfront way, the society to the reality I am...which I will get into as a tactic used many times over in later chapters to come, as I have here and prior chapters.

P.P.S. Though usual protocol warranted a maintenance of my undercover disguise as human, it has been justified, for testing reasons, to at times come out from under this cloak openly, though extremely rarely done

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